Best Kindle Reader

Published on January 12 2015

best kindle reader
best kindle reader

Those who prefer a dedicated e-reader to a tablet computer will have been delighted to see Amazon update its range of e-readers at the end of 2014.

A lot of people speculate that tablet computers will kill off dedicated e-readers, and they may well be right - but not for a while yet.

For the moment at least, e-ink displays, as used in dedicated readers, offers a much better reading experience than any tablet computer can. E-readers also have a battery life measured in weeks, as opposed to a few hours for a tablet. Who wants to run out of energy at a thrilling point in their latest blockbuster novel?

There's a great range of Kindle readers on offer now, starting from the entry level model which lets you get your hands on a touch screen reader for just $79, through the Paperwhite and right up to the top of the range Kindle Voyage at $199 (Wi-Fi only, with special offers).

Any one of these Kindle readers would make a great gift for a lover of reading, especially if you include a subscription to Kindle unlimited as well.

Written by Jim

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