Disney Princess Bedroom

Published on August 19 2014

If your little princess wants her very own Disney Princess themed bedroom, then it's probably a lot easier to make her happy than you think.

It doesn't need to be a huge, time consuming and costly project. You can probably do it for less than $200 and in the space of a morning. Obviously you can spend a lot more time and money if you want but it's not really necessary.

Start with the bed. It's the focal point in any bedroom after all. Get a good set of Disney Princess bed linen and that will get you going.

The next area is the window. It's an obvious focal point in any room - and by putting some Disney Princess curtains on it, you will echo the theme from the bed.

If the walls are painted in a nice pastel shade already, just apply some Disney Princess wall decals. These are really easy to apply and you can have even a large decal up in an hour or less.

Finally, add a few finishing touches - a bedside lamp, a couple of small Disney Princess rugs, a storage box - you get the idea.

It's possible to do this in the space of an afternoon. If you want, you can perform the "makeover" whilst your daughter is at school, playing with her friends or visiting relatives. She'll get a great surprise when she comes back to see her new Disney Princess palace!

Written by Jim

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