New FitFlop Styles 2014

Published on February 25 2014


My wife is a big fan of FitFlops. I got her her first pair as a Christmas gift about three years ago and she absolutely loved them.

Back then, they were still being marketed as toning shoes, but that wasn't the main attraction for her. She really liked the way that they looked (but that wasn't the real big deal either). What she absolutely loves about them is the fact that they are so comfortable to wear.

FitFlops use a "microwobbleboard" sole. It was originally designed by bio-mechanical specialists at the London South Bank University (LSBU) in the UK. In addition to the (notional) toning benefits, the sole provides extra support to the wearer's foot.

It also increases the contact area between the sole of the wearer's foot and the sole of the shoe. That distributes the body's weight more evenly and lowers the average pressure on the sole of the foot. That's why FitFlops are so comfortable to wear and that's why my better half swears by them.

She's a bit upset at the moment as her favorite FitFlop Crush boots are worn out. She's had them for a year and a half and she wears them all the time, so she's certainly had her money's worth.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a little hard to find the FitFlop Crush boots in leather at the moment. The suede ones are quite readily available, but the leather ones, which are her favorites needless to say, seem to have disappeared. Hopefully they'll be back later.

In the meantime, I guess I just have to get her a different style. I'm thinking about the suede ones. She won't like them so much, but at least she'll have something until she can choose another pair.

And there are a few new styles to choose from. Most of the latest ones seem to be sandals - which she won't be needing anytime soon, not unless she wants to get frostbite at any rate. Here's a few of the new FitFlop styles 2014 in a list that I made.


Written by Jim

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