Disney Cinderella Costume

Published on August 26 2014

Did you know that "Cinderella" was Walt Disney's personal favorite fairytale? Apparently, he identified with the work ethic - work hard and good things will happen.

It might also be partly due to the fact that, when Cinderella was first released in 1950, the success of the movie pretty much saved the Disney studios, who were deep in debt at the time.

It's incredible to think that Cinderella is over 60 years old now! She's still as popular as ever with young girls everywhere - and there's going to be a new version released nest year.

The "re-imagined" version, due out in February 2015, is being directed by no less than Kenneth Branagh. Lily James will play the part of Cinderella and Helena Bonham-Carter is playing the fairy godmother - it's a star studded cast! Check the video trailer at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, if you have a little princess of your own who is looking for a Cinderella costume, check out some of the options on offer below. As mentioned, Cinders remains as popular as ever - and when the new movie comes out, every young girl is going to want to get her own Cinderella ball gown!

Written by Jim

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