Baking Bread In A Halogen Oven

Published on July 11 2014

I am happy to confess that, until very recently, I had absolutely no experience of baking bread. It wasn't until my wife read "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis, M.D., that I took an interest.

Dr. Williams suggest that modern wheat has changed so much from the original wheat, found in the wild and then cultivated by our ancestors, as to be unrecognizable. He also suggests that the changes to modern wheat could be responsible for many illnesses which are increasing in frequency today.

My wife has certainly felt a lot better since she cut wheat out of her diet - but she has also had some cravings for bread. It's understandable, bread and other wheat products make up a large proportion of our daily diet.

In order to try and get the best of both worlds, we started baking our own bread at home using einkorn and Khorasan flour. The einkorn and Khorasan strains of wheat predate the changes to the genetic structure of modern wheat by several thousand years - so we figured that they would be safe enough to eat.

The experiment was a success and the bread produced was both tasty and healthy - by which I mean that there were none of the obvious side effects which we would expect when eating "normal", everyday wheat products.

One interesting bonus is the fact that it seems to be much more filling. A couple of slices of einkorn toast for breakfast will see you right through to lunchtime (and beyond).

I bake my bread in my halogen oven. I find it best to use the extender ring - otherwise the top crust is too thick and crusty for my taste - but some people like it that way.

Written by Jim

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