Wheat Belly Recipes And Cookbooks 2014

Published on April 30 2014

Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis M.D., makes for pretty scary reading. He suggests that the wheat which we eat today has been modified, by a variety of different methods, to the point where it is substantially different to that which our ancestors ate.

When I say ancestors, I'm not talking about cavemen - Dr. Davis states that the wheat which we eat today is significantly different to that which our grandparents were eating as little as 50 years ago.

He goes on to suggest that, for many people, cutting wheat out of their diet could have some very significant health benefits - including weight loss. Of course, that is something which is easier said than done; wheat is absolutely everywhere, we eat a great deal of it.

Nevertheless, it is possible - and with just a little effort and determination. Dr. Davis has now followed up on his original "Wheat Belly" book with some tips for cutting wheat out of your diet and still enjoying your meals. Other authors have also published wheat free cookbooks and these are also well worth a look.

If you haven't read Wheat Belly, I recommend that you do. It pays to keep yourself well informed.

If you're interested in adopting a wheat free diet, or in just reducing the amount of wheat that you eat, check out this short list of wheat belly cookbooks below:

Written by Jim

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