Kate Spade Ballet Flats

Published on April 4 2014

Ballet flats must be one of the most versatile footwear styles available. Everybody should have at least one, and preferably more, pairs of ballerina shoes.

You can wear them with a casual outfit, wear them with a business suit or wear them on a night out. They just pair up with so many different outfit styles - which means that you have plenty of options when deciding what to wear.

If you're traveling, on vacation or on a business trip, packing (or wearing) ballet flats will save you space in your luggage, ensure that your feet are comfortable and mean that you don't need to worry about having the right footwear for whatever outfit you decide to wear.

Kate Spade New York has some gorgeous ballet flats in her 2014 range, you really should take a look at them. Here's a small sample of what's on offer in the Kate Spade Ballet Flats collection right now:

Written by Jim

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