VAX Carpet Washer UK 2014

Published on March 11 2014

If you want to get your carpets really clean, regular vacuuming just isn't enough. Even with the most powerful modern vacuum cleaner available on the market today, there will still be dirt and dust trapped deep in the carpet fibers. It's inevitable - it happens in highly trafficked areas like hallways, landing and the areas either side of doors.

People grind dirt deep into the carpet when they walk on it, and then it gets trapped. Liquid spills can also cause dirt and dust to become trapped as liquids are often slightly sticky. Dirt adheres to the liquid, the liquid adheres to the carpet, and you've got yourself a nasty stain before you know it.

The only way to effectively remove trapped grime is by treating your carpets with a carpet washer from time to time. Once every six months or so should be sufficient.

You can hire carpet washers from your local hardware store or supermarket, but you might also consider buying one outright. They don't cost a great deal of money these days, and having it handy can be very useful for when you suffer the inevitable spills and accidents that occur in every family home.

Here's a short list of some of the choices in the VAX carpet washer UK range at the moment:

Written by Jim

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