Numatic Henry Hoover Range 2014

Published on March 13 2014

Henry Hoover is a pretty famous guy. His cheerful, red smiling face is instantly recognisable in the UK. Even those who don't own one, or who haven't used one in the past, will be familiar with him as they will see him being used in restaurants, shops and offices.

Numatic Henry hoovers are a popular choice for both domestic and commercial users alike. In comparison with some modern cleaners, the Numatic range is somewhat simple - but that's the beauty of it. Numatic Henry, and the other vacuums in the range, do the job very well - and they just keep on going and going. They last for ages.

Numatic Henry Hoover has been around for over thirty years now, and he's as popular as ever. In fact, Henry has become something of an icon in his own right. You can get Henry Hoover toys, mini Henry vacuums to help keep your desktop tidy and Henry (and Hetty) mugs and plushes.

Have a quick look at the Numatic Henry Hoover range below. See if there's one that catches your eye.

Written by Jim

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