Best Survival Knife 2014

Published on March 25 2014

When you're choosing a survival knife, there are a number of key points to look out for. Much will depend on your own particular needs and requirements, but some factors are very common.

Whatever you do, choose a knife which is made of top quality material. You don't want it to fail just when you need it most. Stainless steel or carbon steel are definitely the best choices - or a combination of these two materials would be equally acceptable.

The design of the blade should cater for a high degree of multi-functionality. You may also choose, depending upon your own requirements, fixed blade or folding blade.

You will certainly want a survival knife that is durable and rugged. Don't skimp on price - get a top quality knife, you may depend upon it some day.

Here's a selection of some of the best survival knives on the market today:

Written by Jim

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