Best Halogen Oven 2014

Published on March 8 2014

Halogen ovens are great. They cook at close to microwave speeds - a lot faster than a traditional oven - but they are more versatile than a microwave.

You can cook anything in a halogen oven that you would in a normal oven, but faster. Roast meat joints, bake or steam fish, heat up frozen pizza, roast chicken and turkey - you can bake a cake if you want.

And, unlike a micro, you don't need to worry about putting tin foil dishes or cooking foil into it.

It's also very economical. Because the oven is smaller than a traditional oven, and because it cooks the food faster, you'll use a lot less energy than if you were using a conventional oven.

Here's a list of some of the best halogen ovens 2014. See if there's something there that suits you:



Written by Jim

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